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I offer integrative counselling and psychotherapy, tailored to suit your needs. I work in Upminster, Essex. 


Deciding to Start Therapy


People begin therapy for a variety of reasons, from needing support with difficulties they are experiencing and wanting to make changes in their lives, to having a desire to learn more about themselves. 


Talking to a therapist can help relieve psychological symptoms, generate change and bring about a greater sense of wellbeing. 


Choosing a Therapist


One of the most important steps when starting therapy is finding a therapist with whom you can build a strong supportive relationship. Counselling can be both a challenging and rewarding journey and it is important that you find a therapist who can support and guide you through the process. 


My Approach


To enable you to make an informed choice about whether you would like to start therapy with me, I charge a reduced rate for the initial session. This will give you a sense of my therapeutic approach and whether my style will work for you.


To find out more click on the 'About Me' and 'My Approach' links at the top of this page, or contact me using the form on the contact page.


Contact Details



Telephone: 07837 927 069




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